Sunday, 21 October 2012

I want one of those...

No I am not talking about the website. I'm talking about that moment when you are sat there ogling at what someone else has. Depending on your age and location means you many not understand these next few references.

I remember being in year 4 dancing to the Spice Girls in the playground angry that my parents wouldn't buy me their album while everyone else had it. I remember when everyone had tamagotchi's and waiting to get one for Christmas and then playing with it all day till the pet died. There was more interesting things on the TV that day. And remember Nokia 3330's? Everyone had one of those when I was 13 except me! I am not bitter am I?

Well now you think I am a spoilt brat, that's how I have started feeling about blogs. I love reading them, and since my access to a computer has been halted its the one think I have seriously missed. I started a blog in March at the same time as my youtube channel and twitter.

Due to my depression being pretty bad at the moment I dont have the energy to dress myself up just so that I can pretend I fit an ideal. My blog was also mainly beauty based, however I have nothing to add that isnt already out there so although there may be a few beauty bits popping in I am going to try and make this blog about what I want and how I want it rather than fitting into what I think is acceptable.

So here goes! I have no idea what is coming up but I hope you decide to join me for the ride. So are you exicted? I am!

See you all soon

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